Tips for Finding a Good Webcam
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Tips for Finding a Good Webcam

Helping you figure out what you should look for when looking to buy a new webcam.
Tips for Finding a Good Webcam

Can we just get a good and decent webcam, please?!

There are so many available webcam models from different brands; sadly, lots of them are sucks. Here are some tips for finding a good webcam for video conferencing, so you don't have to waste money from one webcam to another.

1) Decide if you want fixed focus or autofocus.
Fixed Focused/Always Focused: The camera is pre-set to a specific focus range. Better webcams keep you in focus by setting the range at 40 cm and beyond, the typical distance between you and your computer.

Autofocus: The best webcams focus in and out automatically. Top-of-the-line models are designed with precision autofocus that's ultra-smooth.

We recommend an autofocus webcam. If a webcam does not explicitly say it has autofocus, it probably is not.

2) Make sure the resolution is at least Full HD 1080p for video and a 5MP or more for photos.
HD 720p external webcams: 1280x720 pixels in 16:9 widescreen format

Full HD 1080p external webcams: 1920x1080 pixels in 16:9 widescreen format

Video resolution is the number of dots or pixels captured in an image. The higher the resolution, the more detail that's captured, resulting in more brilliance. This does not mean it will be good, but anything less than that almost definitely will not be good.

3) Know if you need a decent mic or not.
Most webcams have a built-in microphone. Quality varies. A premium mic will include noise reduction technology. High-end webcams come with dual mics, giving you HD quality stereo audio.

If you do need a mic, make sure you see a webcam review with someone talking into the mic of the webcam for a soundcheck.

4) Not all computer GPUs are created equal.
Some webcams might work OK on some computers but not others. Good webcams will work well on basically all computers. Also, to access all the webcam features, be sure to choose one designed to work with your operating system.

5) Watch reviews on Youtube.
See how the video output actually looks and how the audio output actually sounds like before buying it.

Those are the tips for finding yourself the best webcam you're looking for. Hope this helps. Please share if you think this article is helpful. Here's another article about the best webcam we've reviewed to read.

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